The problem


Negative environmental impact

Print press can affect biodiversity, soil fertility and water quality. Trees acts as carbon sinks that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it for photosynthesis. Fewer forests leads to a higher concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide - a major contributor to global warming.


Minimal interactions

Print media is unable to provide the level of creativity and ease with which one can interact with motion graphics for campaigns, advertisements and media commercials.


Smaller reach and low accessibility

Traditional print media can only display one ad at a time and can only be at one place at a time. Thus, decreasing the total number of people who can be engaged.


Ineffective marketing

Print media is restricted to a certain area or locality. Statistics have shown that this an ineffective way of advertisement in this digital age.

Why Envision Digital

Ghana's leading platform for campus advertisement

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Contributing to a net-zero emissions world

Net zero means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out. Global climate impacts that are already unfolding under today’s 1.1 degrees C (2 degrees F) of warming from melting ice to devastating heat waves and more intense storms show the urgency of minimizing temperature increase. By shifting from printing papers for advertisements to digital means, you can join us contribute to achieving this goal to prevent more catastrophic effects.

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Maximum reach and accessibility

With our existing 23 screens* and an expanding social media following, your message can be communicated and reach thousands of people in no time. We uses a range of audio, video, text and graphics designed to catch the attention of views, which makes us the most preferred medium. The content delivered through it, can be recorded or archived for future use.

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*Subject to change

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Effective and efficient marketing

At low cost to your business Envision Digital provides the best results for clients. At the same time provides more revenue with more audience interactions. We guarantee maximum satisfaction.

"Whenever I run an ad with Envision Digital, my sales just goes up. I am always satisfied with the results.
— Sheriff Babson"

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Fast content updates

Update any ad campaign content fast and easily from anywhere at anytime.

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Effective communication

Messages are effectively communicated to your audience through videos and images. This serves both literates and illiterates.

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Multiple advertisements

You can run more than one ad on a single display.

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All age inclusive

The nature of motion graphics advertisement appeals to all age groups.

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Attention grabbing display

Screens are quick to grab and retain the attention of passersby.

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Boost purchase of products

Drastically improve your product purchases with our digital screens.

Reach. Engage. Discover.

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Reach more customers through our innovative platforms with features that gives you all the control. The sky is the limit for your business now!

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